Beyond the Seed


Innovation. Ongoing seed improvement continues a tradition of higher productivity and grower success.

The seed industry is fueled by innovation. Past seed purchases by growers have funded the innovation they enjoy today. Seed purchases today are funding the innovation of the next 5 to 15 years, including:

  • Improved germplasm, driven by new fields such as bioinformatics, molecular markers, genetic engineering, gene mapping and proteomics
  • Transgenic traits ranging from drought, cold and salt tolerance, to better nitrogen utilization, to foods with healthier nutritional content
  • Plant breeding, such as herbicide tolerance in rice or fruits and vegetables with new consumer value
  • Seed amendments, such as treatments, colorants, polymers and enhancements, to provide seedlings a fast, disease-free start
  • Novel processes, including hybridization technology to dramatically increase yields in fruits and vegetables, or packaging for more uniform seed sizing and seeding rates

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Transgenic Traits


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